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I’ve never been into one thing. I put myself out there more than I have in years throughout 2017. A lot to be proud of! There’s good and bad in everything. But I have to say regardless of how difficult or overwhelming things become, I’d still rather have had the experience. Allowing myself to pursue and fully engage in different realms of creativity, has left me with so much more than expected. I’ve grown a lot… and gained more confidence in what I truly feel is right for me.

My thoughts today, as my mind reflects on the past year. My schedule isn’t currently as full as it was, but definitely more productive. Being still this year is exactly what I’ve needed so far. Time to think without worrying about what’s next at the moment. It’s brought me so much clarity and focus on the direction I’m heading in.


Photographer: Sel Hawkins, IG: @capturedbySel


April 11, 2018

New Experiences




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