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Self Love has become more important as I’ve gotten older. Taking care of ourselves, mind, body and soul is important. I’m a sensitive person in general, so that also means I’m sensitive to the energies around me. I think being able to maintain a strong sense of self takes time. In the world that we live in now, it can be easy to fall into behaviors or mentalities that may not be in line with our true self and values. The more you want to put yourself out there to learn and experience the more energies you cross. As long as you know what’s truly important and make time for yourself without the outside influences, you should be able to maintain yourself. Being still brings clarity and answers that don’t always come to us when we’re constantly on the go and chasing our dreams. Sometimes we realize what we thought we wanted just may not be the best thing for us or we get lead into things were never thought we would do.


Making time for things we love and enjoy is self-love, and I love the way Princess Nokia incorporates self-love into her life daily. She speaks about what we consume into our bodies, health should always be first. Who is Princess Nokia? I didn’t know either until her interview a Brown University went viral last year. Now I know so much more about her and still follow her journey and accomplishments. I linked the Princess Nokia interview at Brown University below. I go back to this interview often and wanted to mention it, as it’s so in line with where I’m going with this post. I came across this interview the day after the 3 year anniversary of my Nana’s passing, last May (2017). There is significance in that for me. In the interview, Princess Nokia opens up about herself, personal characteristics and the beauty of being your true self. I love the raw honesty and truthful sharing of her life experiences and situations. Find people and resources you relate to that remind you that its ok to be who you are, regardless of who receives it or not.

Princess Nokia In Conversation at Brown University

April 15, 2018

Self Love/Self Care




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