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Most of you may know that I turned 30 this year!!! This age tends to bring on stress and worry, but thankfully its brought me Peace. I’m more comfortable with myself and what I want!

One thing that I have put more effort into is my daily style! I make much more effort to put myself together and dress more stylish thru the week. Although I can dress casual for work, I just feel better when I make the extra effort not only when going out or to an event. Like the saying, ‘If you look good you feel good’, and I feel great so why not reflect that in my appearance. I did some spring cleaning earlier this year, getting rid of anything out of style and whatever does not reflect the direction I want to evolve my style to. Here is one of my recent favorite looks!



Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Blazer: Vera Wang

Crop Top/Biker shorts set: Naked Wardrobe

Shoes: Forever 21

Hand Bag: Forever 21

October 12, 2018

Style Evolution




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