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New York was the last stop of my 16 day holiday traveling! You would think after being away and traveling from one country to the next for two weeks, I would be ready to go home, but nope! I’m really glad I made the decision the stay in New York for two days before fulling returning home. New York is always a good vibe for me, its where I was born and most of my family members as well. It keeps me humble, seeing where my parents grew up and how different my life has been from all their hard work and sacrifices.

I spent some time roaming around the city by myself, which I love to do in New York! From the Lower East side to Harlem, I love it all!. The weather was colder than I expected but still warm enough to take a walk thru River Side Park in Manhattan. I’m definitely into black right now! I paired a cape blazer with black flares, and a black & gold long sleeved bodysuit. This was my last day in the city and actually the warmest of them all.


November 5, 2018

Welcoming Fall in New York City!

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