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Writing Daily has become a habit with ease. I spoke briefly about journaling more in my Self Care Sunday post, and its growing more and more. Whether I’m journaling to get my personal thoughts and feelings out or writing a Blog post, I enjoy it all! Optimal Living Daily is a podcast I’ve recently started listening to, recommended by blogger/Youtuber, Claire Marshall. Today’s episode, “Why You Should Write Daily, gives 5 reasons why we should. The two reasons that stood out to me were, finding out what you have to say and clarity. This small habit has made my days better! Being present to write out exactly what’s on your mind and what you feel is so freeing. One of my top goals is to remain present and journaling definitely helps. Writing more has also opened my eyes to my own skills. Not only am I doing the writing for my blog, but also for Peace & Flow. Which is based on artists, music, and our conversations. I’ve also started a new catagory, called Places & Spaces coming in January! This will highlight and showcase businesses or spaces with a unique visual aesthetic to offer their typical or unconventional business or service. So, in the end, the writing has given me the opportunity to do more things that I actually enjoy! 


I linked the full Podcast below. The good thing about Optimal Living Daily is the episodes are all less than 15 mins!! Short and straight to the point!



January 3, 2019

Writing Daily




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