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Have you heard the saying…”How you do anything, is how you do everything”?


I can’t remember where or who I heard this from but it stuck with me. It reminds me to be conscious of how I choose to do and handle things. I can honestly say I’m in a good place and feel really good. I’m more motivated to grow and flow with life now more than ever. I’ve realized a lot about myself this last year. More aware of myself and how I want to experience life. As emotional as I am, it just comes to a point where you truly realize how much power you really have. I fought with life for most of my twenties and created a lot of bad habits of reacting emotionally and vibrating much lower. Once you learn to accept things for what they are, there really isn’t much to resist. Change, of course, does come with some resistance. But after gaining experience and learning new habits of how to handle that resistance, we learn to not be as affected by it. The saying, “move on” has a whole new easy-going meaning and feel, like never before.






January 22, 2019

Flowing without Resistance




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