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Hello, my name is Rena Poston. I am a serial seeker of creative vibes and aesthetically pleasing places and have a genuine love for art and presentation. I look forward to sharing that with you in the form of Places & Spaces. This concept will highlight and showcase businesses or spaces with a unique visual aesthetic that compliments their business or service. The goal is to put a spotlight on them and show people where to find these authentic multifaceted places and spaces to enjoy and get lost in!

First Feature: Jacq & Jack

Let’s get started with Jacq & Jack of The Lake Nona Town Center, our first feature and first salon experience of its kind. Jacq & Jack isn’t just a Salon & Barbershop its about men and women’s refinement and creating a modern lifestyle. The co-founders Tiffany Cameron and Nate Alfonso, have put quite a twist on the typical salon and barbershop experience. 

The Hers and His concept is felt throughout the entire business and brand. They (subtly) go by Queen and King, which is shown in the name JacQ & JacK. Shortly after meeting Tiffany Cameron and learning a little about the business, I became interested in the whole brand and concept.

The space offers seating areas indoor and outside to relax and enjoy coffee. But that is only the beginning; the salon and barbershop are separated so each area can maintain its own vibe and aesthetic. The salon features chic styling areas for the hairstylists and the Primprose Room offers hair removal and a medical aesthetician who focuses on treatments, rather than pampering. 

Jacq & Jack is the only location in Lake Nona utilizing Skin Ceuticals, not only for services but for retail, plus a sunless tanning room for clients to get that fresh glow while pampering themselves with the variety of services offered. 

The Primprose is beautifully designed for beauty services such as make-up, Drybar, manicures, pedicures, and a cozy lounge area. Primprose is used for private events, for a girl’s night out or any celebration. The main benefit is that clients are offered all of these services in one location, for convenience. 

Jacq & Jack is more than just a Hers and His salon, it’s a brand and community. One thing that stands out about the business is how well they brand, even among their staff! The staff is known as the Jacq Girls, who are the hairstylists, Primp Girls, who handle specialized beauty services, and Jack Barbers, who offer traditional single blade shaves and cuts. There are so many small details that keep the business and brand unique, that you can’t help but want to be a part of it.

Now let’s get to know more about the Founders. 

The Queen, Tiffany Cameron, is a licensed cosmetologist and skin care professional. Tiffany spent some time in London studying art, before returning to California and launching her blog, Blog Called Jacq! Tiffany’s first Jack Russell named Leila, led to the creation of Blog Called Jacq, and ultimately the brand Jacq & Jack. Tiffany has a creative mind and used her skills to do the full interior design of the business. The King, Nate Alfonso, is a successful businessman who created and ran his own businesses in California. Together they truly are quite a unique and creative pair. 

These two pioneers have brought Jacq & Jack to Orlando, the first salon experience of its kind. The House is known for exclusively carrying Skin Ceuticals and Oribe’ Luxury products. As well as the first partnership in Orlando to house Apolis Bag, which is something needed as there are not many accessible boutique designers in the city. As they expand on general goods, such as The Giving Keys, and Mulxiply, they have been giving back and creating more jobs for the community. 

One other thing that makes the business stand out is the Colette Miller Wings of The Global Wings project. The wings were a special project that founder Tiffany Cameron, had been working on for some time to feature the original angel wing graffiti artist Colette Miller. Originally known for her work in Los Angeles, Cameron brought these wings as a gift to the city of Orlando and they are displayed on the side of Jacq & Jack. The wings help draw the community in for self-expression and empowerment. 

So now all that’s left is for you to make your way there for a visit! I hope you find Jacq & Jack just as wonderful as I do. Whether it’s indulging in the services or just grabbing a cup of coffee on the go, the vibe will have you coming back again and again!


Tiffany Cameron & Nate Alfonso


Minimalist vibe

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Colette Miller 

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February 4, 2019

Jacq & Jack

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