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From internally to creatively, I’ve definitely grown and realized a lot about myself. There was a YouTube video I came across by Joe Dipenza, that spoke about healing your body first so that you can heal your mind.

Energy is everywhere and easily exchangeable, Dipenza explains. I think in my twenties I did not realize how true and real that is. I’ve learned to be much more mindful with what and who I choose to involve myself with. Being present to make better choices is key! I think there are times when our emotions take over and lead us away from our instincts and better judgment. But it’s our job to learn ourselves and our own ways better so that we don’t get involved in situations we had no business in, to begin with. I’m as sensitive as they come and that is me. But I can’t expect others to be mindful or respectful of that. I have to guard and protect myself!


Once you truly value and respect yourself, it’s easier not to get involved in anything that will compromise that. Once you make a decision to leave something alone because of how it affects you, you really have to let it go. Reaching back and trying again will only cause more pain and delayed healing. Take some time to clear your head and get all of that bad energy out. I’ve gotten into Yoga really heavy over the last year, and the practice has helped with staying present and maintaining peace. Reading and listening to positive Podcasts, and YouTube videos have helped with my healing as well. But coming across Dr. Dipenza and his theory on healing, I think truly got thru to me the most. He was recently on The goop podcast, episode “How to become your future self”. Highly recommend listening to that episode as well!




Photos: Jay’san Lafrance, @photographedbyjaysan

April 15, 2019

Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind




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