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Loud Gallery – Art Bar & Venue Space
“We are building not just a gallery or a bar, but a HUB for all creators”

I’m so pleased to be sharing the second feature with you, Loud Gallery of Ivanhoe Village. One of the first Art Bars to begin in Orlando, Florida. Loud Gallery is an art gallery, as well as, an event space and a major HUB for creators in Orlando. The gallery has a few regular events during the week, such as Open Mic on Mondays, and Flavors on Thursday’s and the space is also utilized for business and entrepreneurial events. Pop-ups or Unplugged events for artists are never too far from the radar.

The space is open when you first walk in, nothing tight or confined. Dim lights and art fill both sides of the walls from the front to back, meaning that everywhere you look is captivating. There are small bar top tables and booths aligned on both sides as well. It’s an intimate space, but large enough to really make an impact as an event space. I’ve been fortunate enough to see how the owners transform the space to cater to their clients. From networking events to clothing pop up shops or private parties, they make sure each client has what they need to host an amazing event.





Loud Gallery is known for hosting events with Google, and, Jet Blue as well as Charity Events with Ms. Orlando and the Siegel family. The Creative Control event was a crowd favorite, sponsored by Google, designed to support the creatives of Orlando. The event included professional legal consultations, Call of Duty creators, and known influencers of Orlando as guest speakers.

The majority of the events at Loud Gallery involve creators of all facets. Musicians, Poets, Business Executives, and Artists. I’ve been to several open mics over these last few years and really enjoy listening to artists live. As you listen to the acts and wander thru the space you can enjoy the gallery that displays different art by a new artist on a monthly basis. Some of those same artists have done private and public showcases, meaning if you see something you love you can easily learn more about the creators.


The owners Moxey, Carl, and Ron are serial entrepreneurs that first opened Loud Gallery in back in December of 2013. All three of these Queens, NY natives, migrated to Orlando at different times. They have over eleven years of friendship and collectively wanted to bring that SoHo, New York feel to Orlando. The goal was to bring something new and nothing overdone. Prior to the evolution of Loud, Moxey came up with the name, as a form of creative speech and movement. Nothing great is usually silent or typical, JUST LOUD.

Loud Hookah which is another business under the Loud umbrella, offers hookah in house as well as at several clubs and lounges in the Downtown Orlando area. This added service is what makes Loud Gallery even more exclusive, as they already offer beer and wine for their guests. As Loud continues to grow and expand in more services and venues, there’s no doubt that they will keep delivering unique quality experiences.

Not surprisingly, Loud Gallery has been nominated as the Best Gallery in Central Florida, and has placed in the top ten finalists. Recently, Moxey organized a showcase at The Social for talented local artists. Live at the Showcase, presented by Loud Gallery as it was called did not disappoint. A packed space on a Monday night, with so many positive and supportive vibes in the air.



Moxey, Carl, and Ron truly share with artists and visitors a realistic, modern and often challenging entrepreneurial journey. Meaning regardless of the highs and lows the business may face, these three have never given up. They’ve managed to keep going and remain relevant in the Orlando creative scene, supporting hundreds of artists along the way.

Loud Gallery

Owners: Moxey, Carl & Ron

Current Art:

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Writer & Producer: Rena Poston

Photographer: Julio Caesar Lezcano

Feature Editor: Meredith Miller

April 23, 2019

Loud Gallery

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