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I started this blog as an outlet, something to keep me going outside of my day to day routine. Something to pour my heart and energy into. Someone asked if anyone actually reads it, as the social media presence has really taken over blogs. But has it? I think if your interested in someone and what they have to say, you’ll visit and read their blog. I didn’t create it with that as the only concern. Of course, I hope that people read and connect with it but if it brings me joy to create and write at the moment that’s really what’s important.


Sitting still and taking the time to write is freeing for me. It is funny because I never thought I would actually enjoy it! Writing and taking photos that tell stories is just what I love and at times does keep me going. That’s what life is all about right? Spending our time doing what we enjoy and with who we enjoy. I found that when I’m not writing or creating at all I feel lost. I start to feel like I’m filled with too much internally that needs to be released. Too many ideas, thoughts, and words that need to get out.

This blog is a safe space to create and release everything in a healthy way and at the same time something to keep me going.

With Love,


October 29, 2019

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