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I am genuinely excited to release the next feature of Places & Spaces, Craft & Common.

Craft & Common is an inviting common space serving specialty coffee, craft beer, wine, session cocktails, and food! The open space is chic, with minimal décor, filled with plants and things that spark curiosity and adventure. The décor and aesthetic stand out from the typical coffee shop setting, white walls and plants all around for a light and airy feel. Plants were important due to time spent in nature bringing joy and bliss, a welcoming vibe. They incorporated the same feel in the space with California inspired décor, wanting it to feel like outdoors. In addition to the services, the shop also sells candles, handmade and local goods, plant books, and things inspired by road trips from California or other places the owners have traveled. 

I met with Lindsay, one of the owners to learn more about the business and unique concept brought to Downtown Orlando. Craft & Common is co-owned by Lindsay and her husband. Lindsay has always worked in hospitality and has owned and run her own restaurants. To change things up and start a new adventure, the couple purchased an RV to travel more and moved from Florida to San Diego for about 4-5 years. After searching for the next step out of the hospitality industry, Lindsay got into coffee at the SCA certified training lab in San Diego and ended up working there for less than 1 year. The company also teaches classes for people transitioning out of homelessness which is something she appreciated being driven by the community.

Lindsay spent time learning about coffee to see if it was something she truly enjoyed during her time at SCA. The simple acts of making coffee and delivering to customers were something she enjoyed and wanted to take to the next level. Lindsay and her husband were brought back to Florida by their family as they missed them during the few years they spent away traveling the world. Coffee created the perfect spark to get back to business and return to Florida to make it happen.

Once the concept and name were developed, it was time to start looking for the right space. The owners looked around the central Orlando area but ultimately decided on Downtown Orlando.  The space was chosen on East Robinson Street and needed a lot of work to clean and renovate.

Opened since June 2018, Craft & Common has brought such a light positive space to the Downtown Orlando community. After about the first 6 months of opening, they extended their hours after receiving the request from many of their local customers. Also with the extended hours, wine is also being served. This new added experience has been a hit, as many adults enjoy a calm place to get out to in the evening downtown that services alcohol. 

In the future, they hope to move towards brunch on the weekends and open an additional location, which I’m sure will be received well by their customers. 

Photos take by Julio Caesar Lezcano.

March 11, 2020

Craft & Common

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