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5 Reasons why Spring Cleaning is good for you


1. SPRING CLEANING INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY Making the effort to declutter and organize your home can save you tons of time looking for or replacing lost items in the future. Experts say that this makes you more productive, while the cleaning process itself can increase energy levels. TIP: Learn to let go. If you haven’t used something […]

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My best shopping tips!


I’m excited to share my best shopping tips with you to get the most for your money. I love shopping and like to keep up with new trends and styles, but it can get expensive easily. So let’s get into the best way to do that on a budget. 1. Take your time. You have […]

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What’s in My Make-up Routine?!


I’ve been using a lot of new products over the last 6 months or so and really have my everyday makeup routine down! I like the natural makeup look with a nude lip of course, so let’s get into what products I’m using to achieve that look. I included links for all the items that […]

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How I prepare for a Photoshoot


Step 1: Mood board. I like to gather images for the shoot inspiration or the photographer will provide one so that I know what the theme and wardrobe should be. This is also a good way to find new poses to use while shooting. Step 2: Pull Looks! This is my favorite part of the […]

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