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The Benefits of Burning Sage


Burning sage is a powerful ritual and one that has become part of my routine almost daily. I started burning Sage more often over the last few years. As I’ve grown and learned more about myself the practice keeps me mindful and aware of the energy around me. People burn sage and other holy herbs […]

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What’s in My Make-up Routine?!


I’ve been using a lot of new products over the last 6 months or so and really have my everyday makeup routine down! I like the natural makeup look with a nude lip of course, so let’s get into what products I’m using to achieve that look. I included links for all the items that […]

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How I prepare for a Photoshoot


Step 1: Mood board. I like to gather images for the shoot inspiration or the photographer will provide one so that I know what the theme and wardrobe should be. This is also a good way to find new poses to use while shooting. Step 2: Pull Looks! This is my favorite part of the […]

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How I worked on my Confidence.


There’s no one size fits all or simple answer for this. I just wanted to share how I feel about it because I noticed a huge difference in myself over the last few years and 2019 specifically. It took from going through some really hard times and not having much of any confidence or hope […]

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